Coming in 2019!

Debugging Software Applications in Javascript

By Ben Wilhelm

A practical guide for early career developers containing a consistent, repeatable system for tracking down bugs and preventing them from occurring in the first place.

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Do you have trouble knowing where to look next when trying to track down a bug? Do the bugs that you fix seem to reappear elsewhere in your applications? Are you afraid to make fixes to your code for fear of creating other problems?

If you want to have more confidence in the code that you ship, I would like to help you.

Most developers use ad-hoc debugging strategies that they’ve developed for themselves over years of experience. If you don’t have that experience yet, it can feel like you’re up the proverbial creek when you have to track down a bug, especially if you’re working in code that you didn’t write yourself.

This book will teach you a consistent, repeatable system for tracking down bugs and methods of structuring your code to to prevent them in the first place. The examples are written in JavaScript, but the principles are applicable to any language.

Ben Wilhelm

Ben Wilhelm